Ideas about Taido Training and Teaching

An infrequent publication of Taido/Blog

When I started my little website back in ‘05, the internet was a very different place, and I was in a very different situation in Taido. Things change, but I’ve held onto the original goal: to make information about Taido accessible and useful for people who don’t speak or read Japanese.

To that end, the bulk of the website content is reference material, and it doesn’t require much in the way of updates or additions.

However, I have a problem - perhaps a disease or a character defect. Whatever I do, I can’t stop thinking about Taido. I’ve been practicing for well over three decades now, and it still hasn’t stopped being fun. Maybe you’re the same way. If so, you should sign up and get an email when I have news or ideas worth sharing.

There’s a lot of neat things that come out of practicing Taido that don’t really fit the purpose of Taido/Blog, so this is where I’ll share those.

No promises about an update schedule.

No idea where this will go in the future.

But if you love practicing Taido, get on the list and get periodic reminders and excuses to think about our martial art.

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